My mistake. -  a Vampire Academy fanfiction - (on hold)

My mistake. - a Vampire Academy fanfiction - (on hold)

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xMyr By neverlandstories_ Updated Jan 16

It's one week after the incident in the cabin, and Rose couldn't be more happy. What happens when Dimitri has bad news for her? And what if he's leaving her with more than just a broken heart..
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SupeLarry SupeLarry Nov 25
I'm crying in the car with my whole family starting at me like I'm crazy.
Ofcourse shes the only thing you think about. You let go of an uniquely extaordinary woman and its going to take alot of effort to get her back. dummy.
Id tell her not to cry over a guy its not worth it. She needs to toughen up and harden her heart. (😂 i always seem to quote Maximum Ride)
I am going to stab Tasha in the eye with peters butter knive. That little pansycake
Yep not shocked but still freakin love it when she finds out she's pregnant
Sure because someone suddenly stops having feelings for someone in the blink of an eye. Liar.