Teen Wolf Preferences

Teen Wolf Preferences

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xstydiaobrodenx By xstydiaobrodenx Updated May 30

How you meet:

Scott- You met Scott in the middle of junior year. You were the new girl in school and he showed you around. The first time you saw him you knew there was something special about him.

Stiles- You met Stiles at the sheriff's station. Your dad was the new deputy in town. You sat down next to Stiles waiting for your dad to be done. You guys talked for hours until your dad was ready to go. You guys exchanged numbers and talked everyday.

Derek- Your best friends with Scott and Stiles. You were helping Scott find his inhaler in the woods when you saw Derek. At first he didn't notice you since you were behind Stiles but then he couldn't take his eyes off of you.

Isaac- You were moving next to Isaac's house. When you arrived your parents went to go buy some food and that left you to unload the boxes by yourself. Isaac saw you and decided to help you. From there and on you guys became great friends.

Jackson-You were taking your niece to the park. You sat down next to Jackson ...

dreadhful dreadhful Jun 18
I swear I can imagine him being impatient like " YO BITCH ARE YOU GOING TO ANSWER IT OR NOT YOU KNOW IM NOT GOOD WITH THSI KIND OF SHTI" while wearing his hot aggressive face
Wait. I have a niece now? According to the story, I attend Beacon Hills High School... Oh God.
So she's supposed to go on a date with everybody that's just confusing
What I would've said if that truly happened: " holy crap, is this real? Am I dreaming because if I am than can I please never wake up like jfc THE Isaac Lahey asked me out like holy f-
                              Isaac: I'm guessing that's a yes...?
                              Me: of course it's a yes you beautiful moron
jesibele09 jesibele09 Nov 23
Bro I am going to the forest to drop my inhaler maybe I can find some hot ware wolf
Bitch I'm an independent woman you cannot tell me what to do.. But OK pick me up at 5