Hearts For Fools

Hearts For Fools

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▪ Book #2 of the Black series.

Sequel to ADAM, 
can be read as a stand alone, however things would make alot more sense if you've read the first book.


"Annabelle is a witch!" Malissa laughed, "Because only witches have voices as ugly as that, she's cursing us!" A devilish smirk of victory made it's way to her lips, the other kids gasped, whispering. Their eyes bored right through mine, filled with pure fear and hatred.

"And you know what they did with witches?"

My terrified eyes locked with dark grey ones, filled with so much hatred and pure evil, I felt myself drown more and more, his lips perked from the sides.

"They burn them."



That word could have alot of meaning for alot of people, but for Annabelle Black, this word meant losing her voice.

Heavily bullied as a kid until her and her family left the town for anonymous reasons, Anna was never a kid to speak up, 'till she reached a point where she stopped speaking at all. Constantly compared to the courage of her mother, and the power her father held, Annabelle became a person detached from the world, drowned in her own self-blame and depression. 

Until they moved back to the place where it all began, only one school and only one small town, and it only meant one thing, clashing _quite literally_ with the person that caused the pain back then, and the damage now.

Have he changed? Or will he continue to break her until she shuts down more than her sound?

Join her on her journey as she slowly uncovers the dangerous layers of her parents' past, and a dark truth that was hidden behind what she thought was a normal life.

Will she learn friendship and love again, or can they not mend what's left broken in the past?


Welcome back, through another journey :)