Kakashi x reader

Kakashi x reader

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angelwash By angelwash Updated Jul 03, 2016

She walked slowly towards the village gate. The gate, to her surprise, was a grand entrance. Towering at least 5 stories high.

'What's the use of having such a large gate' she thought, ' a hidden village should be just that, hidden.'

As she walked through the gate she showed an ID card that indicated that she wasn't a threat, to the two ninja sitting at the other side of the gate. They nodded in approval and motioned for her to continue into the village. Nodding in response, she continued walking into the village until she noticed a man with white hair standing a few yards in front of her. His hair was spiked to one side, being held out of his face by his band with he symbol of the leaf village Which also covered his left eye. He wore a mask that covered from the top of his nose to his collar bone. He was tall, wearing a green vest and baggy ninja pants. His eye, The one that was visible, were black and rested on his bottom eye lid as he gazed down at her. Deciding to ignore...

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j-hoooe j-hoooe Jun 04, 2016
I knew I was so much of a sexy beast I could make Kakashi's heart flutter
AddictWithADrPepper AddictWithADrPepper Jun 27, 2016
I love when he smiles with his eye it's the most adorable thing.
xXmilkyemoXx xXmilkyemoXx Aug 02, 2016
Tbh i would've seen him from a distance away, and would have been panicking if i should ignore him or not. Also wondering who he is.
blue_mansion blue_mansion May 04, 2016
It's this where the "sorry I'm late a met a fine young woman and naturally she wanted to go out with me" excuse came from?
exstrawberry exstrawberry May 05, 2016
Raise your hand if ur imagining while reading this like thinking ur in Naruto too xD
CATastrafy CATastrafy Dec 06, 2016
When everI dean a pacific name from Naruto that starts with a T I think it says Tundede