Blade of Embers | ✓

Blade of Embers | ✓

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[HIDDEN GEM] She is an assassin. One of the best in Myndor. That was until she failed. After a tragic slaughter, Elle Hallor's world came crashing down and she plunged down a dark path. 

A year later a team is constructed. Their mission, to infiltrate another guild of assassins - DETRA. To salvage her career, Elle is forced to join the group and join them on the undercover assignment. She must fight against the young hopefuls battling to earn their place within DETRA. Under this false identity, Elle meets Cerid, her stubborn mentor determined to help a fellow struggling soul. Friend or enemy, Elle will have to battle with her dark past. But something far more sinister than she could have imagined is brewing across the continent...

Delve into the tale of scarred survivors, the ties of trust - and the price of love. 

※ [Book 1 in the Blade of Embers Series] ※
!!Winner of Action in CSA 2019!! 
!!Winner of Mystery/Thriller in Discovery Awards 2019!!
!!Winner of Action in Tetralogy Awards!!
!!Winner of the Aurora Awards!! 

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* may contain mild swearing and violence *