The Good Kind of Bad

The Good Kind of Bad

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Rita B By RitaMB Updated May 21

Secrets don't stay secret for long...

She spent her whole life being the perfect daughter, the perfect girlfriend, and was all ready to become the perfect wife.

But after ditching her fiancé at the altar and escaping to Chicago, she marries smouldering stranger Joe Petrozzi three weeks after meeting him in a bar. At least this time, there's no chance of cold feet.

Married life starts out great: there's the new job, a gorgeous, enigmatic husband and money's not an issue. 

So what if she's kept a few secrets from Joe - like where all her money came from. Joe's been keeping secrets from her, too. 

But his might just get her killed.

This is an excerpt from The Good Kind of Bad - available at Amazon.

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Hey Guys! Newbie here...I was hoping, if you don't mind, if any of you guys would read my story. I'm still sorts new but I just posted my first chapter. Thanks a bunch! Bye bye 💕
What the hell? She's not 5! She's married now! When will she get that?!
Why the hell would she go and marry someone else while he's gone?
Hey guys go check out my story darkness! It is super lit 👌🏻
lcallmejaymel lcallmejaymel Aug 22, 2016 08:06PM
She was to get married! And she is married and your acting like you can boss her around you might be her mom but she's an adult you gotta respect what she wants if she wanted to come back she would already