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The cheerleader and Emo boy.

Charlotte or Charlie,is a cheerleader but hates it. She has to be exactly like her sister the slut of the school and the head cheerleader.Her mother forces her to do cheerleading she expects Charlie to be exactly like her sister and herself but charlie doesn't want to be like them. She wants to be unique and different. She loves music... She uses it as an escape. One day she just has enough of the Jocks and the other Cheerleaders .she Leaves and Finds 6 boys. What will happen??

Blaze is a emo and an outcast. He only has 5 friends that are like him. He uses music as an escape from his horrible life. They all hate the populars with a passion except for 1. She doesn't bully them like everyone else one in the school so they don't have a problem with her. 
So what happens when the 6 boys meet her??
Read and find out!!

- - Mar 27
I don't know, if this book didn't state emo, I would of been scared and think kidnap or bad influence form the bad boys, so hm, maybe love then?
I've read this book twice already, why not go for a third xD xD lol no shame in my lack of a social life and procrastination of homework
This is honestly one of the best books on wattpad. It should be published and sold in bookstores.
I've read this book 5 times. No joke. I am IN LOVE with this book.
AlexaRuss AlexaRuss Aug 09
I mean I'm a girl but I guess I'd go under the category of Emo boy