♦ JJBA x Reader ♦ Oneshots ♦

♦ JJBA x Reader ♦ Oneshots ♦

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... By future__distopia Updated Mar 06

I've been dying to do one of these so here it is.

{These will always be female reader unless specified}

{I can do smut, gore etc, but i don't have much experience with most of these so i'm sorry if they don't turn out that good}

You can do suggestions if you want {via pm or just comments if its more comfortable for you}

{from part 1-5, i can do the others if you REALLY want them, but it might be super ooc for some characters since idk them that well, i've decided to read the rest of the manga till part 8 after part 5 anime comes out}

I hope you enjoy this as much as I do. Have fun.

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