Listen ≪Attack on Titan//Shingeki no Kyojin Eremin fanfiction≫ BoyxBoy

Listen ≪Attack on Titan//Shingeki no Kyojin Eremin fanfiction≫ BoyxBoy

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Mikasa ships eremin By Aarmin Completed

Just a story of two boys and their fluffy (or not so fluffy) adventures. 
if you do not understand any of the mature themes, please do not read. 

Disclaimer: I don't own shingeki no kyojin or any of the characters. 
Pictures and videos are not mine, unless said otherwise. is where you can ask questions about this fic. 

Pairing: Armin x Eren 
AU: modern
Warning: mature content, sexual content, bullying. 
Author note: these will be pre written chapters, but please feel free to correct me on grammar, spelling, etc. :) 

Don't sue me because you don't like eremin okay? God don't be that guy okay? Okay.

SunshineSinamonRoll SunshineSinamonRoll Sep 03, 2016
I thought it meant like the character Levi and I was so confused
demonsuga demonsuga Aug 29, 2016
There are literally over 1000 people on my school and over 300 freshmans enrolled this year
silveyytm silveyytm Aug 29, 2016
i read "diary" as "dairy" and i just... "why tf this boy carryin a jug of milk in his bag lil coconut wyd"
GryffindorkPride GryffindorkPride Aug 11, 2016
When you said Levi's , did you mean the jean brand or the actual person Levi
Akatxuke Akatxuke Nov 24, 2016
Eren.. You're about to get your ass beat, watch yourself boi
I like how everyone is saying stuff about Eren being an ass, while I'm just thinking about what would happen in that "diary" was a death note