Spirit Stalkers

Spirit Stalkers

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Holly M Campbell By booksbyhc Completed

Nineteen-year-old Mary White is the newest-and youngest-member of the ghost hunting group Spirit Stalkers. And the socially awkward drama major doesn't quite fit in. She has no dramatic streaks in her hair, no piercings in interesting places, and not a single tattoo on her body. And unlike the other hunters, Mary doesn't need hi-tech equipment to communicate with the dead.

This sparks some jealousy. Until Mary discovers her ability to grant ghosts physical power-to give them enough "life" for others to see and hear them. It turns out these tough, tattooed ghost hunters aren't as eager to stalk spirits as they thought.

So when Mary is assigned to spend a few days in the creepy Davis house, only one other person volunteers to stay with her: adrenaline-addicted and annoyingly sexy Mark Ingalls. And Mary worries (hopes) Mark's motivation to stay in the house with her goes way beyond ghost hunting.

Mary is about to learn two things no college course will cover. A haunted house provides a perfect backdrop for romance. And some people-even dead ones-will do anything to keep a secret.

**Spirit Stalkers is a rough draft. I am currently revising and editing it, and plan to publish it someday. Thank you so much for reading.

  • college
  • ghost
  • mystery
  • newadult
  • paranormal
  • romance
  • supernatural
  • suspense
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LamaJama101 LamaJama101 Aug 12, 2017
Murder. Blood. Mystery?!? Yep you got my attention. Where the popcorn at?!
MnabeSabharwal MnabeSabharwal Jun 02, 2017
Naah story isn't that good as i expected... There is no drama and curious thing in this story.
Skrappy_Bagel_Snake Skrappy_Bagel_Snake Nov 18, 2016
I'm not a fan of murdering for no reason, but if he deserves it... That's  another story😎
LeslieFear LeslieFear Apr 19, 2016
Nice writing!! Just posted my paranormal book (well, 3 chapters of it) and loved yours!!  😊
SavTheBookBandit SavTheBookBandit May 17, 2016
Oooo talk about a hook! You've certainly reeled me in. I mean the entire chapter was enough to draw me in, but that very last sentence was just spine tingling! I feel like I'm in that car  looking into his eyes, despite the fact that I'm sitting outside on a warm sunny day.