I'm With Emo Boy  [ Boyxboy ]

I'm With Emo Boy [ Boyxboy ]

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Angel B. By YouSelfCenteredTwat Updated Nov 17, 2015

His name is Krystle, and he lives with his uncle and two loving cousins when his parents die from the Single-Celled killer. It's a nasty parasite in unfiltered water that eats away at the brain. However, when he moved with his uncle at a young age, he didn't know his uncle. Never met him. Until the day he left, and he soon finds out what a true monster is. He has a horrible past, and an awaiting future. Along the way, he meets Trent: a kind-spirited but fierce, stubborn, and opened boy. Who also happens to be gay. How does he take it when Trent tells him? And on their wild adventure, does Krystle decide to tell Trent a secret he has kept forever locked away in his mind? A secret that could kill? What will these two boys face?

Only time will tell...

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Random_Fandoms250624 Random_Fandoms250624 Jul 15, 2017
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Malzik Malzik Jan 27
Black is not a color, its a shade, get it right! Do you see black on the color wheel? Let me answer that for you, NO!!
puccitwo puccitwo 3 days ago
if black is not a color than explain to me why it is a crayon COLOR, it doesn't really matter and you need to get over yourself
creepypastaqueen15 creepypastaqueen15 Apr 01, 2017
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Aphrodite_Hufflepuff Aphrodite_Hufflepuff Nov 23, 2016
Yeah, no kidding! But then again I can't judge cause I'm the same as you
landynKero landynKero Oct 08, 2016
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