Savage [Bloodlines Trilogy Book 1]

Savage [Bloodlines Trilogy Book 1]

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It's a secret By KissesofInk Completed

"Anything and everything from your nightmares exist, princess. It's just a matter of looking for them, to see them."

Leighton Grey is the misplaced feature, the one flaw in the Grey family. It's no secret that she's the odd one out, especially against her beautiful sisters. 

She's faced it her entire life, the lies, the secrets, the torture, all with her head held high. However, as coveted secrets of her family unravel, her life is suddenly altered. 

Sent off without a word to a place of impeccable beauty, Leighton's new home is the picturesque sweep of land that serves as the ground for her inherent nature. 

It is a place forbidden, so dark that the velvet painted across the sky at midnight is only a shade in comparison. A place where the moon will weave you into a beast so terrible it can't compare to the worst of nightmares. 

A place where wolves and monsters roam free.

dannielleandaquig dannielleandaquig Dec 01, 2016
Aren't  you  making  another chapter?  Please  make  another one please.... About sybil that didn't really  die please
SoccerBound SoccerBound Jan 03
I can't be the only one that thought of the Law and Order SVU opening song after I read, "-and this is her story."
TheShinigami2310 TheShinigami2310 Jun 06, 2015
This is one of the best summaries I have read in a long time. It's so descriptive and it just reels you in
sempiterna- sempiterna- Feb 17, 2015
Ooohhhhhh tingles in my skin. Even though I've read it, it still makes me feel like I haven't :)