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Accepting Adagio [boyxboy-werewolf/twincest]

Accepting Adagio [boyxboy-werewolf/twincest]

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J A Y    C . By WeAim2Pls Updated Aug 26, 2017

Though they were brought the world on the same day and a few minutes apart, the Lambert twins both hated each other. Well... More like just one of them hated the other while the other loved their brother unconditionally. But could Allegro help it? He just couldn't believe that his own twin brother, who is a part of the Alpha family, was born as a weak and disgraceful Omega.

God, he couldn't even stand staring at his useless brother, Adagio. The boy was just so clumsy in everything he does and even a small simple paper cut would send his brother crying to their mommy. What a complete embarrassment to the family! He doesn't understand how his father, the Alpha of the pack, could even still be kind to Adagio. But then, again... What parent could ever resist their child?

What made Allegro even more pissed off is how no matter how many times he would humiliate, torment, or even beat the shit out of his brother, Adagio, the younger would still be kind to him and would even smile up at him. No matter what. Even tell him how much that they loved him. The boy must be so dumb and dense to not even realize his pure hatred for them.

Though what Allegro doesn't realize is that his time of pure hatred for his brother will soon come to an end, when him and his twin come at the age of when they discover their mate. And when that time comes, nothing and no one - not even himself - will be able to stop the strong pull that him and his twin will feel towards each other.

WARNING: This story contains boyxboy action, twincest and something that fanfic writers would call "KNOTTING"! If you are uncomfortable reading any of these, please think before reading this.


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LostForeverAlone LostForeverAlone May 03, 2017
I'm not sure if that was an intentional TØP reference, but I still dig it
dadyyirwin dadyyirwin Apr 19, 2017
Lescross Lescross Feb 04, 2017
I forget which chapter I left off 3 months ago, now I have to reread from the beginning
amibiguity amibiguity Sep 14, 2016
My name's Judy! This is so cool, I never see it any of the books I read :3
Lescross Lescross Nov 13, 2016
😂😂😂. Hella funny. Just imagine an old man trying to punch another old man, then him just breaking his hip
lgfuad lgfuad Dec 12, 2016
lmao ooookkaayy thats not what you're gonna be thinking soon 👀