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Mixed Emotions (girlxgirl)

Mixed Emotions (girlxgirl)

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Dana By Sitama Updated Jun 16, 2015

Rogue has this uncontrollable love for her best friend Hayden, but she can't find the right time to tell her. Rogue is introduced to Roma, the new hot girl in town, by her new best friend (who also happens to be gay) Reese. Rogue runs into her ex-boyfriend, Grayson, and the tension between them is already out of control. Will Rogue finally confess her love for her best friend or will the new girl take Hayden's place and steal Rogue's heart?

KleinStory KleinStory Dec 03, 2015
I like it when she said she'll kick the guy in the throat if he touches her. Must hurt being kick in the throat though I think the groin should be kicked too.
mylie9221 mylie9221 Apr 17, 2015
i have just read this one chapter and i can relate to the story already! and the way u added 'humph' to that one line made the story even better all together!
Sitama Sitama Nov 29, 2014
I created this before Faking It was ever a thought in the creators heads. Plus mine's better.
CrownedDirection CrownedDirection Nov 13, 2014
Idk if it just me but I felt like this was kinda like the mtv show Faking It. Bc Hayden is red haired and Karma is too. Rogue is in love with her secretly like Amy is with Karma. Karma likes Liam who is a player and man whore just like Nathen. Idk lol maybe it is just me...
AkinomaHNU AkinomaHNU Jul 10, 2013
@Sitama Lmao. That's how I felt after reading every one of the four other books. Definitely going to buy the next two books the first chance I get!!
Sitama Sitama Jul 03, 2013
@AkinomaHNU omfg xD All I'm going to say is Pike ends the book with a huge ass cliffhanger that me me soooo angry. Ugh. I hope you read it soon! Tell me what you think about it once you do because I seriously need someone to like geek out with.