The Son Of A God ( Male Reader x Highschool dxd )

The Son Of A God ( Male Reader x Highschool dxd )

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Your father was sent flying into the rocks, blood pouring from the many cuts in his body.

Atreus "FATHER NO!!!"

Atreus was grabbed by the man with an electric hammer, and couldn't escape.


You ran towards him but was blown back when the man took off into the sky. You landed on your back in the snow-covered land. The memory haunting you forever, the one where your brother was taken away by one of the gods of Midgard. You heard a cough as the storm let up and everything was visible. You looked and saw your father, bleeding to death.


You ran over to him and tried to clean his wounds, but he put his rough hands on your little ones. You looked up at him, tears in your eye's.

Father "I trained you as a spartan warrior, and with that, I trust you with everything I have left to offer."

He grabbed the axe and placed it in your hands.

Father "Take care of your mother's axe, and take care of the head."

He pulled Mimir off from his belt and placed him on yours. 

Mimir "Lad, no amount of healing is going to fix him up."

You looked at Mimir before looking back at father.

Father "I trust you, my son."

His head dropped and went limb after, and you began shaking him.


Mimir "Lad, he's not coming back."

You stopped and sank in your spot, crying. But soon, sadness turned into anger, burning hatred for gods across the realm. 

I promise...

Mimir "Promise what lad?"

You grabbed the axe and stood up, walking over to the cabin. You opened the hatch in the floor and grabbed your fathers blades, he had put them away after the journey, but they were now yours.

...I'll make them pay.