Slam Dunk | ✔ | Percabeth AU

Slam Dunk | ✔ | Percabeth AU

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It's just love...right?
Percy was the popular kid in all of Goode. His wins for the Goode Gorgons brought fame to the whole school.
But this pride of his gets flattened by a girl called Annabeth Chase, who snatches the tournament cup away from him. 
Something that these two don't know if is they have a bond much closer than what seems to the eye. 
Love, angst, drama, friendships and betrayal play important roles in this story.
What started out as one game will branch out to so much more...

© Its_Scarlet_Rose


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"I knew it would happen, I just didn't know how. You never cease to amaze me." 

"Man, I'm happy this updated. It's a dam good story, lol." 

"OMG, I really love your book." 


"I am looooooooooooving this story! Keep on being awesome!" 

"I hate Perachel but this chapter was amazing!" 


DISCLAIMER: I ain't Uncle Rick!
DISCLAIMER 2: Just because it's named with a basketball term DOESN'T MEAN this fanfic is filled with basketball! I don't know much about basketball except for the basics and am a pretty average yeah! All those mini Michael Jordans out there...don't get mad at me!

So with that the book!

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