Gay Oneshots(BxB/MxM)

Gay Oneshots(BxB/MxM)

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BANDLOVR By BANDLOVR Updated 6 days ago


well, as the title says, this is going to be gay one shots OR short stories. 


if you don't like homosexuality, why are you even here?

There's going to be swear words and some bxb time but unfortunately, I'm not qualified enough to write smut... 

(I did write it though, it might suck!)

Contains incest, more than 2 guys in a relationship.

if it's a mature, I'll warn though.

Mature chapters: (1) Obsession 
(2) Incest-[dadXtriplets/Mpreg part 2]

Enjoy :)

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express339 express339 Oct 21, 2018
I frr need a second part😍😍 like they are soooo cute omg
Anicecreaminafreezer Anicecreaminafreezer Dec 13, 2018
now... this is at least the 10th time i get sent into a literal fit of snorts, giggles/laughter/wheeze
                              thank you for making me laugh
                              you have a good humor, it is confirmed
                              donate me some ppwease
gay_papa_dada gay_papa_dada Dec 04, 2018
How can you create such beautiful characters, in such short chapters and make me fall in love with each of them?
Anicecreaminafreezer Anicecreaminafreezer Dec 13, 2018
thank god there is book 2 *hands you cookies in appreciation*
KennyMcRay KennyMcRay Nov 23, 2018
*when you know it and love the song mentioned * hell yeaaasssss