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Emma Sinclair is an anomaly. With a single touch of a stranger, she is catapulted into premonitions of their inevitable death. She doesn't know when or where, but she can feel every bone breaking and every heart exploding until the seizure is over. The people around her are determined to fix her--her Dad, most vigorously--but to Emma, it's a useless battle. For her, death is as common as the stars are in quantity. 

For Zacchaeus, death is just as common, but he happens to be on the other side of the spectrum. Soul collection is his job, his "right" delegated to him after one fateful day one hundred years ago. 

They both drone through the motions of a similar life--Emma's cautious, and Zac's monotonous--but, when their paths intertwine because of a rookie mistake, their worlds are set on a collision course barreling toward disaster. Together, they will suffer through loss and love, while unearthing a plot more sinister than even the Fates themselves could have predicted.

The Perennial Chaos Series: Lux, Vol. I

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theonewholivestoread theonewholivestoread Aug 01, 2016
Which one is recommended to be read first? Of Frost & Cinder or Thread?
ML_Brooks ML_Brooks Apr 05, 2016
Think this is the poem they used at our sister's funeral... @mm_brooks
Nyhterides Nyhterides Aug 06, 2015
I must say that I absolutely adore that poem, it gets me the same way every time I read it. You story looks very appealing. Good luck with the rest of it :)
firabella firabella May 13, 2015
i sang this at a choir concert a couple of years ago. ..still makes me miss my cloey
Clueless_as_ever Clueless_as_ever May 08, 2015
Omg I literally have this poem written down and pasted up on my wall in my room. This is one of my favorite poems!
DreamCatcher1331 DreamCatcher1331 Jan 18, 2015
In all honesty while I adore your work I am not a huge fan of the new title. Just my humble opinion.  Based from what I've read so far "The Other Side" might have also been an interesting choice but that's just me :)