Through The Ages [[A THG RP]]

Through The Ages [[A THG RP]]

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Sally Sapphire Snow By AnAgentOfXenoTech Updated 5 days ago

Beware the 12th Quarter Quell... The 300th Hunger Games... The third Centennial...

The rebellion died, along with it Katniss, Peeta, Johanna, Beetee, Enobaria, Annie, and ALL the other remaining victors. The Games started fresh with the 76th Hunger Games, no mentors, no help. 

It's been a long time since then. New technology was been created. However, the districts are ALL rebuilt, with some improvements to please said Districts, to hopefully keep the thought of a rebellion dead.

Now, this year will be very different...

[[2/12 Females]] [[1/12 Males]] [[1/6 Female Criminals, 0/6 Male Criminals]]

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YAY LANDON YOURE BACK!!!!! We all missed you lots and are happy to see you're back and doing again!