Never Again: An Irulan Short

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Ronnie By Hathor422 Completed
Born into a life of duty and responsibility, Irulan would trade it all in a instant. For the princess, royalty isn’t an honor, it’s a burden that’s keeping her away from the one thing she holds closest to her heart…her soul-mate.
    Hers is a love that must remain hidden, because although the mighty Tuatha De Danaan are the highest the Light Court has to offer; even they have their prejudices, and mixing with the Dark Court’s is forbidden. Irulan knows her relationship with Carrie, a refugee from the Dark Court, Fomori, is dangerous for them both. But in all the Land’s, Carrie is the one person that she can trust with anything and Irulan refuses to let her go.
    Find out what happens when Irulan’s carefully guarded relationship is revealed in, Never Again: An Irulan Short.
I really loved this story. It was sad yet beautiful. I'm so glad u decided to reupload it!