You, Me and a Bed Makes Three

You, Me and a Bed Makes Three

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ButterfliesInTheSky By ButterfliesInTheSky Updated Apr 10, 2012

okay so don't laugh but my name is Harley Davidson. okay i guess you can laugh. you think i'm joking don't you? most people do. sadly both me and my brother got named after automobiles, his is less embarrassing though - Ford. but i guess mine is way cooler. i mean i got named after one of the hottest motor bikes of all time! hell yeah. 

So this is my life i guess. You'll see how crazy and fu<ked up it is. I like to party, A LOT! my friends say I'm nuts but wouldn't have me any other way. There is pretty much nothing I wont give a go. You'll be hard pushed to find something I'll say no to. If you can think of anything let me know. In the end you'll either learn to love me or hate me, because lets face it i'm like marmite. Sadly most people hate me for various reasons but hey ho, such is life - I made my bed and I will lie in it....
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Harley is an enigma to all. even her best friend Greg can't figure out what goes on her head most of the time. she's a point in her life were she can't seem to find her way. constantly partying, sleeping around, no longer going to school and she hasn't spoken to her mum in a while either. she can see everyone is worried about her but she just can't find it in her to let them help her, in fairness she doesn't want their help so it's pointless all the same. but maybe, just maybe, something will change.

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