Oh Brothers

Oh Brothers

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"Something you want to ask me?"  he asks, amused.

"Nope," I pop the 'p' sound and don't even spare him a glance. My eyes are transfixed on the city lights and the cool air.

"The curiosity prevalent in your eyes begs to differ," Cole states. When did his vocab become so fancy-smancy. No Ara. You will not engage in any conversations with him, I firmly tell myself.

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"Well, Curiosity killed the cat and I for one do not want to take any chances," I glance at him and his smile is so broad and sends tingles all up and down and all around my spine.

He chuckles, "Ask away, Ara."

Five over protective brothers. Two absent parents. A very charming boy. One girl.

Arabella Jenson's life is thrown around with just one announcement. A few words.  She finds herself in situations she never thought she would ever face. The only thing she knows is that her brothers will be by her side one hundred percent of the time. 

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I have 6 brothers and parent's jobs make  them not home much either except they have Sunday's off so I know how Ya feel
Whos pregnant...See kids now this is why you use a condom an not the cheap ones....or bitch bout to get a baby in 9 months....
Why does this feel like Grey's Anatomy?😂😂😂😂
                              Derek Shepherd tho 😍
I have 3 babe I know how you feel it's like having 10 no joke
KizoHeart KizoHeart Apr 03
So am I... other than the fact that I wasn't raised by guys... lips and eyes were all I do
Gigglzx Gigglzx Oct 17, 2014
There pregnant yass or divorce or pregnant or quitting jobs idek