Stuck in the celeb's dressing room

Stuck in the celeb's dressing room

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thatDCGirl By thatDCGirl Updated Jan 03, 2015

Juliette is a rich new yorker, that is absolutely positively in LOVE with a certain blonde superstar that is perfect in every way, William Carlen. After William's concert, Julie went to his dressing room, only to find out that he has multi-personalities, he can be a douche and he can be sweet. Eventually, they got stuck in the dressing room for a few hours because of a dangerous storm. That few hours is a roller-coaster for them, and even though it turned out pretty sweet, the last minutes are hurtful, it stings Julie, it scars her, and now she doesn't even want to think about Carlen.

But for William Carlen, those few hours changed him, and now all he wants is to be with Julie. So he is now running away, from his fame, from his crazy manager, only to get another chance with the girl he believes he fell for...which is Juliette.

The question is, does he get another shot with her after those few hours that is pretty hurtful?
The dressing room started it all... watch, does he get the chance he wants? Will the people he met on the way ruin his chances? Will his fame ruin it? Does she even want him?

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3Emo5Life 3Emo5Life Jul 13, 2014
so I'm not the only one who randomly thinks of a song then sings it till I don't know the next words
thatDCGirl thatDCGirl Aug 14, 2010
@willow13 Aww thank you, but PM me my mistake so I can learn?? Thank you :D
- - Aug 13, 2010
I like it. It is pretty original, there are just a few mistakes, but not bad. Really good so far actually.
thatDCGirl thatDCGirl May 23, 2010
@fofo-15 Thank you so much, you're awesome to me already ahahaha
thatDCGirl thatDCGirl May 23, 2010
@JustSayYesx Awwww thank you SO much, you're the first one to review my chapter
                              Awww I love you already, too much...sorry
LittleMissObsessive LittleMissObsessive May 23, 2010
It's only the 1st chapter and i'm hooked !  =D
                              I LOVE IT <3
                              can't wait for the next chapter ;)