Always » Edmund Pevensie || The Chronicles of Narnia

Always » Edmund Pevensie || The Chronicles of Narnia

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Mai By vxrsatile Updated Jun 07, 2015

Is an only child, has a newly-promoted father, and the most loving mother a person could have; is short in stature, has plain looks, is sarcastic and debatably rude at times, but with a big hear beneath it all- this is Mary Brown.

An simple girl now living in Finchley, Mary isn't a girl you'd expect to go on adventures with kings and queens and talking animals of a magical world. Then again, were those even real at all? However, Mary befriending the Pevensies may just be the key to turning those storybook-imaginations into reality, for Narnia to regain its power and freedom, and for a certain boy to find happiness with her.

Based on The Chronicles of Narnia || Prince Caspian Movie

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Fandom_expert_Potter Fandom_expert_Potter Jul 20, 2017
I have 2 older siblings (oldest one is a boy and 2nd oldest is a girl) and 2 little in the middle -_-
ashleyizidro123 ashleyizidro123 Jun 24, 2017
"Besides, we could all use the fresh air."
                              "It's not like there isn't air inside"
StoryTeller5678 StoryTeller5678 Apr 12, 2017
This just reminds me of those Xbox achievements though😂😂😂😂😂
feltxntrash feltxntrash Aug 13, 2017
A QUEEN IS NEVER LATE THE OTHERS ARE JUST TO EARLY (idek if it goes like that but who cares)
ashleyizidro123 ashleyizidro123 Jun 24, 2017
I have 2 sisters and soon to be 2 brothers. I wish I was an only child!
Pupiii_Days_ Pupiii_Days_ Jul 07, 2016
Como cuando no sabes inglés, pero intentas entenderlo 😂😂