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Amanda Nichols By ACNichols Completed

Casey Kirkland despised monogamous, committed relationships. They never work out the way you want them to and you always end up hurt and betrayed, at least she was. Despite that fact, Casey always had an adventurous, independent streak and her choice of career as a Private Investigator reflected that. Not to mention her frivolous personal lifestyle.

Next, you add the case of a lifetime and a considerable payment, to an adventurous P.I. and in walks Shane Watson. Quiet, easy going guy – oh yeah, and he’s gorgeous, who happens to be the fiancé of a well-known very public and prominent Southern California Socialite and accused of cheating – his reputation of being jealous and a local MMA fighter does not help.

Not the career opportunity Casey wants to pass up, but get's more than she bargained for - Betrayal, scandal, sex, money, and love.

© 2014 Amanda Nichols

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cuckoo27 cuckoo27 Jan 06
I like how she is dedicated to her work and only does the important job .
cuckoo27 cuckoo27 Jan 06
I have an experience and quote of my own “ please the heart then please body “ if anyone asks how my reply would be “ figure it out “ but the best is food lol 🤗
cuckoo27 cuckoo27 Jan 06
I know for sure how this feels till I fall in love again but with the right one . But still it is a fact , Love is complicated , either makes life heaven or turns it to hell . One more thing , it is rare that a lady can have more than one partner in her life
cuckoo27 cuckoo27 Jan 06
People in multimedia are famous in having affairs . Good one 👍
treshasutherland treshasutherland Mar 08, 2017
Hit the road jack and don't u come back no more, no more , no more, no more.... Or in this case Brad
cuckoo27 cuckoo27 Jan 06
There is always this friend who knows about you . I used to be this womaniser , had more than one friend who knows all about me