The Song Remains The Same

The Song Remains The Same

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April By amfryed98 Updated Mar 08

Katherine Sutton vowed to never return to hunting the supernatural after watching her mother die before her eyes. It's been two years, and so far, she's kept that promise.

Enter Sam and Dean Winchester, arguably two of the best hunters out there. Katherine remembers them fondly from her childhood, but when they come to her for help on a hunt, she refuses. Even so, a small part of her urges her to go back to hunting, and eventually, she gives in.

Join Sam, Dean, and Katherine on a whirlwind journey of ghosts, ghouls, demons and maybe a little love.

Barton Hollow is the bomb! And your Country selection is great! (Oh and Florence too!)
ShelbyJ23 ShelbyJ23 Mar 25
Ahhhhh get a gun there's a moose and squirrel at my door people
ShelbyJ23 ShelbyJ23 Mar 25
This is a few of the cars that a know and there is only a "few"
Can you tell me what username the playlist is on or the name if it
Can you message me the link? I can't open it 🙁 or give me the name of the playlist and the user it's under
Can you message me think link or tell the username please? Im on mobile device and cant copy and paste sorry