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Just My Luck, Stuck With The Alpha.

Just My Luck, Stuck With The Alpha.

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Shayla Dominique By Czarcsm Completed


Ok this chapte might be kinda boring and a little stupid but I just felt like writing it. Tell me what you think and if I should continue or not. Vote, comment, fan, rate! WOOT! I have a good feeling for this one, give me your support :3 


Just My Luck, Stuck With The Alpha. 

Chapter One: Never Piss In The Woods. 

"Oh my god where the hell is Kevin?" I asked tapping my foot impatiently in the car. Rodney honked his horn again. If Kevin doesn't hurry up we'll be lucky if we get to the waterfall by midnight! I unbuckled my seat belt an got out the car. 

"Where are you going?" Jess asked. 

"To go get the douche." I said. I shut the door behind me and took the key from under the mat then unlocked the door. "Kevin...!" I called. 

"Oh, Uh... Just wait right there Silver!" He called. 

"How long does it take you to put on a pair of trunks?" I asked my hands on my hips. 

"3 days!" he called. I rolled my eyes. Yet it only takes me 30 minutes to take a shower. He came jogging d...

DReyna1 DReyna1 Mar 28
Normally I don't say things about me on wattpad because no one gives a duck, but I can't believe it takes people less than a hour to take a shower since it takes me 1-2 hours to take a shower and sometimes 3 hours to have a mini concert😕
elapihler elapihler Apr 09
What jobs are they going to have if they dont go to college?
crazybaby98 crazybaby98 Jun 14
I trip on the stairs too I bet everyone has done tat at least once.
ayshaali123 ayshaali123 Oct 28, 2016
Am I the only one that randomly chokes on air/spit especially when I'm talking
Mzzmmr01 Mzzmmr01 Feb 15
I thought you said the chapter was boring and stupid.   I LOVE THIS CHAPTER I LAUGHED SO MANY TIMES
ayshaali123 ayshaali123 Oct 28, 2016
I have a blackish dot on my eye from accidentally stabbing myself with a pencil back in 6th grade