Guardian Academy

Guardian Academy

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Skye Lee White By UnderDarkness Updated Jul 12, 2017

"I want to make my own Destiny!" Merida

"I just want to follow my dream!" Rapunzel

"I don't want to be afraid I want to let go!" Elsa

"Im sick of being Alone!" Anna

What happens when four very different girls get a letter excepting them into a Academy were only a small handful gets into. Well lets just say things get complicated. For example lets just say you make so enemies hide some secrets and deal with the boys who live right across from you. These girls must figure out how to work as a team and pass Guardian Academy. Or fail and loses what they came for. Can they make it? Its hard to tell between A frozen heart, A Archer, A dreamer, and A binder by love anything could happen....

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disneydreamworks123 disneydreamworks123 Jul 08, 2017
I love how every one is like I want to change or let it go or dreams and stuff,but Anna is like ..."F*UCK YOU ELSA !IM SICK OF BEING ALONE!*flips table
Maybell21 Maybell21 Jun 13, 2016
That's exactly what I do all the time 
                              Mostly if its boring
KalH20 KalH20 May 31, 2015
"For the first time in foreverrrr... At least I got a chance!"
ShilohWS ShilohWS Apr 18, 2015
I love how the story line is changed so certain events from the movies haven't happened yet! It is a great twist from the normal fanfic I read and so far I am really enjoying your story :) love it! Plz keep writing
ShilohWS ShilohWS Apr 18, 2015
Lol I just found this amusing. 
                              "it was dinner and I was eating a piece of bread" XD hahahaha
thegodlyshadowhunter thegodlyshadowhunter Sep 14, 2014
I'm in me mums castle. 
                              Food food. 
                              Get out me castle! 
                              (I had to)