Already Gone

Already Gone

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Lights W. By Lights-and-Stars Updated Nov 12, 2018

"I'm already broken, and already gone."

He wasn't hopeless. He wasn't depressed. Really, he wasn't anything other than angry. 

At what? 

Well, in a way, you could say he was angry at everything. But what does it stem from? Why can't he put into words how he feels? 

Maybe he doesn't know. 

So how can one book change a life? A book he writes in. 
Why can she make him question everything?

And in a faithless dark room, how can the door open with a brightness so blinding that it opens your eyes? 

Take a look into this psychologist' life to learn all the answers.

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booklover311921 booklover311921 Dec 08, 2018
                              Um....because it helps you organize your thoughts, right?
booklover311921 booklover311921 Dec 08, 2018
                              Wonderful beginning! Plunged me right into the storyline!
chekitarose chekitarose Nov 28, 2018
This is so.....ME! I write when I boggle up my emotions. I love it.
TheLazyishWriter TheLazyishWriter Nov 03, 2018
you've bottled up and written on a paper* will it not flow better?🤔 
                              I read it a 1000 times to get it in my head😂 I'm not the smartest.😅😸
booklover311921 booklover311921 Dec 08, 2018
                              Only 26 years? Wow. Must be nice to be you. (Or whomever the narrator is.)
chekitarose chekitarose Dec 01, 2018
Many had their whole life and never could do it. It's sad actually. 😥