Midnight Swim

Midnight Swim

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SweetBabyDoll By SweetBabyDoll Updated Sep 28, 2018

"Does it feel good?" My voice was low and seductive,my hands and fingers had been working erratically from his balls to the tip of his c*ck, exploring every contour, curve and muscle of his organ.

He placed his hand over mine stopping my movements only for and instant. And then he wrapped his fingers around mine and moved our hands in a masturbating movement back and forth along his cock.

"Oh F*ck! Oh Yes!" he groaned as I jerked him slowly. 

It was about this stage that I began to realise that to be able to drive a man almost insensible like this was an awesome power. I guided the head of his c*ck between my thighs as he leaned over me to kiss my nipples. As I jerked him, I pressed the hard, swollen head against the lips of my v*gina. He immediately started thrusting his hips, pushing his erection against my panties like a battering ram as if he were trying to force his cock through the lace. I pulled his c*ck hard against me, grinding it harder against my cl*t as I pulled him faster.
My hips were jerking and arching off the steps to meet each thrust of his, his c*ck pushing the material of my panties into the cleavage of my slit. I moved my free hand down between my legs and started to work my finger against my cl*t whilst his rock hard pole pushed against my lips, I could feel my climax building. He looked down between our bodies as he felt my hand move, the sight of my finger working on my cl*t seemed to excite him even more.

He brought his lips back down to mine, but my mouth was open, gasping for breath. He took my bottom lip between his and I was gasping against his face as I felt myself rushing towards the edge, my finger worked faster, my heels locked behind him, dragging him harder against me, the rhythm of my hand masturbating him becoming more erratic as I approached the crest.

"Are you c*ming?" he breathed.

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