Twist Of Faith (A Snarry Fanfiction)

Twist Of Faith (A Snarry Fanfiction)

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Sarah Karim By SAK01248 Updated Nov 18, 2017

Everything was a lie. How could I have not seen this sooner. I was too naïve. I should have seen it.

My name was Harry James Potter, and this is my true story.

This is the story of how I discovered the truth.

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mekozuel mekozuel Oct 29, 2017
*shook that this is actually a thing* I guess you can find anything and everything on wattpad though lmao
BHilalSan BHilalSan Jun 07, 2017
Oh god I may have not manage to live through this because I am a real big drarry or harco shipper if I die delete my browser history
poete_artiste_freake poete_artiste_freake Dec 07, 2016
😂😂dramatic already? But it would have been hilarious starting that out with Snape saying that.
Mikeywestcott Mikeywestcott Feb 13, 2017
Severus has been through alot and he should need a son to take care of...
- - Dec 12, 2015
Okay, I never understood this ship. Don't people find it just a little off that Harry is basically dating someone as old as his parents? (Well as old as they would be if they hadn't died..)
SAK01248 SAK01248 Jan 09, 2015
                              From my point of view, it's because they would make a cute couple. One tall, dark and mean looking while another short, dark and kind looking.