Twist Of Faith (A Snarry Fanfiction)

Twist Of Faith (A Snarry Fanfiction)

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Sarah Karim By SAK01248 Updated May 27

Everything was a lie. How could I have not seen this sooner. I was too naïve. I should have seen it.

My name was Harry James Potter, and this is my true story.

This is the story of how I discovered the truth.

Is it just me or is this chapter way too short? Oh well continuing on with this story xD
Everyone seems so fücking calm but why the f is Dumbledore stealing the baby!!!???? Like old Dumbledores supposed to be a good guy. Clarify please?
BHilalSan BHilalSan Jun 07
Oh god I may have not manage to live through this because I am a real big drarry or harco shipper if I die delete my browser history
I'm confused, who is Anna? I don't recall anyone like that in the story...
poete_artiste_freake poete_artiste_freake Dec 07, 2016
😂😂dramatic already? But it would have been hilarious starting that out with Snape saying that.
Severus has been through alot and he should need a son to take care of...