Sworn to Silence → Lashton

Sworn to Silence → Lashton

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♡ Claudia ♡ By SimpaticoLuke Completed

"Please stop! You're hurting me!"
"Don't fight me, Luke, it'll just make it worse."

Or in which Luke is being abused by a boy named Ryan and he feels helpless to do anything about it out of fear. He's sworn to silence but can Ashton save him? 

// tw for abuse, rape, self-harm, attempted suicide //

{Fully Edited as of 18th Nov 2017 // 28 Published Parts}

(Highest rank - #177 Fanfiction, #316 Teen Fiction) 
(3rd place in Up and Coming - Lashton Awards)

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YoureASinner YoureASinner Mar 20, 2016
Same, like if no one dies then I get really bored but if someone does die then I cry my eyeballs out???
FoodIsBetter_thanyou FoodIsBetter_thanyou Jul 29, 2016
Warning I'm annoying i comment alot and i gave birth TO ASHTON MY BBY
supermarketflowers supermarketflowers Jul 09, 2016
This is around my 8th time reading this omg this book is amazing jdoajxkxkxk
Lashtonizgr8 Lashtonizgr8 Apr 22, 2016
I needed to comment something because there were 69 comments so…can't wait to keep reading lol
lumical lumical Nov 06, 2015
*tracks down Ryan's Address*
                              THE FANDOM IS COMING AFTER YOU
lashtonheartsfan lashtonheartsfan Sep 09, 2015
i have school tomorrow, but i can't stop reading lashton and crap. im not going to have a good day tomorrow, ahh. i don't care. wattpad is an addiction.