Best thing i ever had ( sequel to All that matters) ( editing )

Best thing i ever had ( sequel to All that matters) ( editing )

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Yn and Chresanto is still together , some things has changed , Yn is 6 months pregnant! She also takes her college classes on Line now. Her stomach is HUGE. She wonna boy and Chresanto wants an girl 

All them 7 months Chresanto has went from hell and back dealing with Yn ! He just wants it to be over he wants his child to be here already! 

Team mindless doesnt know about the baby. Yn just post old pictures on social networks. Yn cusses Chresanto out a lot ! One minute she hates him then she loves him. She cut and break his stuff when they fight . Sometimes she tries to
Fight him. They just bounce right back because they love eachother to much 

Chresanto knows that he can't do anything to her because she is pregnant with his first born child. He hit her once while she was 4 months pregnant. She left him , he had to win her back and he did. He learned from his mistakes back then.. That he won't dare to do it now!

Ray and trinity is doing good in college. And an strong couple , their ...

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TweensBeLike12 TweensBeLike12 Jul 09, 2017
He gonna be walking out the house with 3 shoes. 
                              2 on his feet
                              1 up his a**
Queen2145 Queen2145 Jul 07, 2016
I ain't YN no more bc this bitch is so mf wishy washy like you know you gonna be having makeup sex
mindless4ever1430 mindless4ever1430 Dec 27, 2015
When its Tuesday me and my friends be like go the school going up on a Tuesday....ayeeeee
mindless4ever1430 mindless4ever1430 Dec 27, 2015
Why does everybody says this the baby doesn't have feet yet am I wrong....or nah
Bigg_Daddie_PimpN Bigg_Daddie_PimpN Nov 24, 2015
nique_nique_a_Baddie nique_nique_a_Baddie Jun 19, 2015
other than that good job!!!!!! :-)