Nikki Darling (18+)

Nikki Darling (18+)

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“SUCK MY SOCKS” By motownmimi Updated Jan 19

~When the obsessive meets the obsessed~

Being the pinnacle of a wealthy family has it's benefits. For your beauty is adored by many, turning everyday people into lustful 'yes men'. And, with all of that power, comes consequences. Some men pray on the young and beautiful, to regain control of your sexuality you may become heartless. 

When Nikki Darling gains this control, she becomes obsessed. With an abundance of money to live out her darkest fantasies, love is the last thing on her mind.

A sex-obsessed rocker comes into contact with the infamous heartbreaker, and his world is flipped upside down. 

When you meet your equal, you'll do anything to make them stay, even if that means changing the very fabric of you.

Will Prince and Nikki's relationship with one another show them that there is more to life than pleasure? Or will they continue to soothe their sorrows with their wicked touch?

Based off of the Prince song: Darling Nikki

  • 1983
  • 1999
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