Four Words, Four Kills (2019)

Four Words, Four Kills (2019)

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Oliver8 By Oliver8 Updated Jun 01, 2017


One man's search for justice is another man's search for identity.


Ten years ago, recovering alcoholic Phoenix Ryder lost his daughter. Not a single man was brought to justice, and so Phoenix took matters into his own hands - and out of the hands of the law. 

In his search for answers, Phoenix became a man driven by madness and obsession, lured into the violence, lust and power of crime. His thirst for the truth became the reason for his existence. Yet he never found closure and never solved the once dead and buried case. 

Until now. Ten years later, as a body surfaces, so do the secrets of many years past. 

Is Phoenix as innocent as he appears? And how far is he willing to go to prove it?

• Fright Fest 2016 Gold Winner
• Undiscovered Writer Award - Best Mystery Book
• @fright 'Revenge' Reading List

"I was so engrossed by this piece that I didn't realise I was too busy wanting to know what was happening, rather than analysing for quality. Speaking of, the quality is truly fantastic." - @GavinHetherington

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