The Pirate's Princess (Not)

The Pirate's Princess (Not)

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LolliFen By LolliFenn Completed

Anastasia's life has been one disaster at after another.

After years of torture from her step mother, she desides to make herself a goal; to marry the Prince and become the future Queen.

However, when a band of mysterious pirates kidnap her for no apparent reaaon other than ransom money, she's suddenly mixed into a whirlwind of lies and trouble.

CatherineSerrell CatherineSerrell Jul 16, 2016
Wow!!! He proposed that fast. Something is definetley going to happen!!
CheilaCarina CheilaCarina Aug 06, 2016
I still cant believe it worked ! Well I guess this is what we would call "a books magic"?
CatherineSerrell CatherineSerrell Jul 16, 2016
This is such a great start. I am very glad i found your story. I will be here till the end definetley!!!
LolliFenn LolliFenn Apr 27, 2015
@jazz626  Thanks for the Imput! Please share my story with others!