His To Protect

His To Protect

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☁️ By iimsensitive Updated May 23

Sadie Duncan is a quiet, socially awkward girl who spends most of her time alone in the only place that seems safe for her, her room. No one really seemed to pay attention to her even though, despite her night haunting past, she was the nicest and softest human.

Killian Mikhailov, a beautiful boy from her past, has become everything but nice and soft.

She could hardly spend a day without him ever since her first days of elementary school. Having to grow up without loving parents, her younger self couldn't help but get immediately attached to the first person who showed care. Things havent changed when she meets him again, years later, despite his cold behaviour.

As for Killian, when his eyes land on the now 17 years old Sadie, he convinces himself that his bad temper could only cause her more damage. Only, she seems to constantly be attracting the danger and Killian finds that staying away from her is as hard as controlling his anger. His sudden need to protect and possess her soon becomes overbearing.

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