The Culled Crown

The Culled Crown

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Ten girls. Nine bodies. One crown. 
If given the chance to be queen, would you take it?

Monroe Benson is marked and goddess-touched, one of ten heirs to the throne of Eirden Dow. Born with a unique ability,  she is obligated to join the Culling and fight for the right to rule--the right to survive. If she wins, she will be crowned queen. 
To lose is to die.


Cohen leaned over and whispered in my ear. "Are you certain about this?"

I turned to look at him, surprised. "Is it a choice?"

He swallowed and scanned the crowd as he said, "No. I guess it isn't." He glanced sideways, saw my facial expression and then turned so he was looking fully at me. "I just thought I'd ask. I've asked all the other girls."

A lump formed in my throat. Suddenly my fingernails were very interesting. "And what have they said?" I dared a glance up at him, watched his face change from indifferent to almost sad. 

"There were a couple of girls who were very excited to have the opportunity to compete for the crown."

"And the rest?" I prodded. 

He met my eyes. "The rest were scared."

I couldn't look at him as I whispered, "Good to know I'm not alone."



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First Posted : September 24, 2018

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To take your rightful place as The Lion King and leader of the hyenas.
Cher's lesser known, b-side track: "You Definitely Got Yourself, Babe"
I like to imagine that she pronounces this as "cream-ed corn".
maple_syrup251 maple_syrup251 Dec 26, 2018
This is awesome! I'm getting really chilling vibes from this story! Keep up the good work!
VeryLovelyReader VeryLovelyReader Dec 27, 2018
i hope theres more to her gift bc it sounds kind of tame compared to theirs 😳
ErinRozas ErinRozas Dec 21, 2018
I’m starting to see he bears the weight of the whole family on his shoulders 😔