Sticky notes and empty pens

Sticky notes and empty pens

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Klance Hogwarts/soulmate au.

It all starts out fine. Pidge, Hunk, Keith and Lance meet when they're on the train on their way to Hogwarts. Some having a little bit of a rough start.. They get sorted into their Houses and some even make the Quidditch team!

Everything is all fun and games until someone is threatened during one of the Quidditch matches. Pidge's family had gone missing quite some time ago and apparently the one who caused their disappearance had shown up at Hogwarts to capture the last Holt Pure Blood.

But things get complicated when Katie doesn't use her real name and one of her friends decides to present himself as a Holt when the time came and she was threatened to be taken too.

All the information this person has, the bad guy in this story, is that the last Holt initials are:


Yes before you attack me, that's my own art!

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