The Newcomer

The Newcomer

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YoureMyRedhead By YoureMyRedhead Updated Aug 14

Kim Thomas has an eye for capturing the emotions that are unknown even to the beholder. Nothing brings her joy like capturing images of raw emotions with rich, powerful stories waiting to be told. 

Her images are windows to how she understands the cruelties in the world for all she knows is the stagnant, sheltered life she has in Old Town. She's curious what exists outside the comforts of her town, like in her pictures.

But outside 'comfort', fear is there, waiting for a victim to torment.

Then she meets Jacqueline Holliday; fresh from New York City, new girl and a big puzzle in the eyes of her beholder. A girl whose rocky experience with life puts her on the other end of the spectrum from Kim where fear, pain & loss are greeted like old friends. This reality forced her to keep herself under lock and key.

Kim may not have the key, but she sure knows how to pick the lock. Some people are just more than what your eyes can see. 

No unlikely grand meeting; just two people who met at exactly the right time. A story where one girl learns to welcome the fear of her future, and the other learns to let go of something she thought was worth holding on to.

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