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Like any typical transmigration novel, a person will die in the hands of death before being given a system with unique personality. Given task missions in order to return to the original world. The host would either complete the world in success or fail the missions given only to be transferred into a punishment world. 

That was what Lucielle thought what would've happened if he encountered the situation after death but he was wrong, very...wrong.  Who knew that Lucielle would be cursed once he died, lifeless on the ground? 

No one did. Lucielle was just one of those unlucky individuals who shouldn't have been touched in the first place. 


[- - -Cannot unlock fluent language ability- - -]


'Didn't you say I could choose anything?'

[System rechecking database...]

[   .    .    .   ]

[Host, it has been confirmed, I asked the higher ups after rechecking your data base for any faults...It seems that you may have caught an unfortunate curse, to the point where Host cannot speak...Host, you are mute in this case]

'.  .  .'


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