The Alpha's Broken Mate (on hiatus)

The Alpha's Broken Mate (on hiatus)

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ValerieAdler By ValerieAdler Updated Oct 24, 2013

Iris has had a tough life. Abused and raped by her father and ex - boyfriend, she gives up hope and tries to commit suicide. But she is fortunately saved by a beautiful boy, her mate. 
Nathan is the ruthless alpha prince of the werewolf world that Iris does not know about. He has been waiting for his mate.  
But will Nathan go soft on her? Will he change for his mate?
Nathan tries to gain Iris's trust. But she has a hard shell and does not trust anyone. Will Nathan be able to break through it and make her his?  Both of them from different worlds, and different personalities, will love blossom?
Read on to find out.

(I'm sorry to inform the readers, current and new, that this book will be on hiatus till November 2014. I need to focus on other things. Feel free to read and or leave comments.)

Update 15/03/2015 - I'm honestly really surprised by the attention the story got in the 2 years hiatus. I am really sorry, I don't know how to put this in a more nicer way, but I am so happy that you guys liked this dumbass story with its grammar mistakes and unrealistic writing. I have read a lot of fanfics from other sites and come up with a lot of changes/stuff to improve in my story. I am planning to start those changes in a few weeks when my mid term break starts. I'm gonna correct the mistakes, make things more realistic, less gender biased and sexist. So hopefully you guys like the change. I love each and everyone who has read this, thank you for the inspiration!!  :*

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I_lIkE_eLmO I_lIkE_eLmO Feb 11, 2017
I've read so many, I can't even count, I have to scroll down for 10 minutes to find a story I haven't read. Something is wrong with me, seriously.
alexisanime alexisanime May 23, 2016
im the same. i probably have like a thousand werewolf stories in my library and im stil adding to it. i need help 😅😅
Skeew455 Skeew455 Aug 29, 2016
Pleas tell me someone else thought of that big drunk teddy bear that loved these two AWESOME boys who hunted monsters across the US?!?!
Alicedog123 Alicedog123 Sep 03, 2016
Anna with Red hair and is an Angel by chance? (Bobby, Sam, Anna)
Wolfe_Wolverine Wolfe_Wolverine Jun 20, 2016
Oh and I know that I just put the wrong bare 'cause I put bear. Silly me. And also I didn't mean to be a hypocrite!  :()
awesome_friend awesome_friend Mar 11, 2016
You know when I watched Titanic, I was super confused because there was so much space on that raft but they weren't getting on the raft in a way that everybody would would make it onto the raft.
                              Also, titanic much?