The Road Less Traveled (Editing)

The Road Less Traveled (Editing)

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WaitWhat'sMyName By HunnyBabySweetheart Updated Nov 10, 2018

Virginia Blake is dead set on outrunning a past she can't seem to shake. Focused on moving forward, she sets her sights on finishing university without incident.

Hero West: handsome, immature, & absolutely infuriating to Virginia. Hero is a study in contrast, simultaneously aloof yet invested, irritating and endearing, and altogether trouble.  

Despite their insistence on remaining friends only, Virginia & Hero are continuously drawn together. Faced with questions about their feelings, plans for the future, and with Virginia's past rapidly catching up with her, they must figure out if everything they've both worked for is what they actually want, or if their roads lie closer to one another than they ever anticipated.

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