A Life In The World Of SKYRIM, Book I

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Tyler By EchonyJoe Completed
In ancient times, where the caves were full of beasts, people hunted you in the woods, and you struggled to survive, there were many stories of great hero's and how they slayed great beasts. One man never believed many of them, until one day, his life would be one of the greatest stories of them all. Will he save Skyrim from the threat that is looming over it, or will he send Skyrim into eternal darkness? The fate of Skyrim and it's people rests on one man's shoulders, the choice is his, and the power is in his voice.
@EchonyJoe  I haven't read much,I've joined recently so for as far as I've read? I'd like more detail and action.You've got the touch,but a spark is needed to make this legendary.
So far,I love it and hope that I'll be reading a book packed with action.
i have the game for xbox the way u describe whiterun is almost like it is in the game
I like this! It's an easy read and flows nicely from event to event!  On to the next chapter!
this is interesting so far. just found this story randomly and now i think i am probably hooked to it already xD
You have minor errors such as lower case I's in every middle of a sentence. Other than that you're all good.