My King (On hold for rewriting)

My King (On hold for rewriting)

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Hersheys By aaliyahsaidwhat Updated Aug 29

This is a story. 

About a monster. 

About love and sacrifice

About a hybrid and a beast. 

This is a story that made the King bow. 

And trust me, a King never bows. 

Athena De Luca is not your ordinary werewolf, and no she's not your cliche 'white wolf' drama, instead, she is a hybrid. And what's more exciting is that her parents aren't your normal Alpha and Luna, the reason Athena is a hybrid is that her father is the King of vampires. 

How can a wolf and vampire be mates? you may ask, let's just say that it's a long story. 

Athena has powers that no one in the universe can ever compel! The prophecy says that Athena will be the most powerful she-wolf ever. 

Along by her side is her best friend since diapers, Nina Winter. 

All her life she just wanted to be a normal wolf, but Athena already excepted that she is no ordinary wolf. 

What they didn't expect is that they come tumbling down to their own mate. 

But there is one little problem... 

What if their own mates didn't want them? 


Eros King. 
The king of all werewolves. By his side, is his best-friend and Beta. Not only his a normal Beta but is a higher rank then any other Beta's in the world. Everyone fears him, but deep inside Eros just wanted someone to love him. It's rare to find other than anger visible in his face. He never shows any emotion other than anger because showing emotions means weakness. 

He is
People thought he is not capable of love. Or so they thought.....

He tried so hard to resist the tension between Athena and him, but the Goddess wouldn't have that. 

I mean come on; 

A King needs their Queen. 


 "Know something Athena, I don't want nor will want you ever, got that" He whispers in my ear. 

Just had to be mated to the most powerful werewolf ever.

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