Infinite ➸ Ouat

Infinite ➸ Ouat

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❝Don't let ones Beauty distract you from their soul❞

Season 3 of Once Upon A Time

Original Book Name: Never Grow Up
Published: 2014 
Completed: 1/12/15
20K Reads: 2.16.16
50K Reads: 2.20.17

Im_Gross Im_Gross Jun 24
Ugh I thought this was gonna be a good story. Now it's all about Frozen. Ew
Is this supposed to be Peter Pan? It's ok if it's not... but I'm ONCE his real name was Malcolm
Kiana_Kiki_Valentine Kiana_Kiki_Valentine Aug 21, 2016
That explains why Elsa is the only one with white/blonde hair in Frozen
rowmantichart rowmantichart Jul 06, 2016
currently hearing my sabrina carpenter while reading this story
AlwaysObsessed AlwaysObsessed Jul 05, 2014
About your copyright warning Once Upon A Time and Frozen are owned by Disney so it would be much easier just to say that all rights go to Disney...