Living with the Reid brothers

Living with the Reid brothers

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There is this girl named Chrissy Green. She's 17 and she'll be a Senior in high school after this summer. She looked like Anna Kendrick. She had everything. She could dance, sing, play any sports but she is not a straight A student. If you're thinking that she's dumb...... well you're wrong cause she's just average but still passing. She does not have a best friend. She's friends with everyone. She's famous in the campus. Her family is very rich. They have lots of money in the bank and one car each family member which means they have three different cars.

What if something happens and take away the people she loved? What if she was forced to live with her mother's best friend? Well, the house of the woman who will adopt her is in California but still she lost her parents. She did not have siblings. She's an only child.

What will happen to her? Poor girl, right? She lost her parents then she'll live with strangers. I guess you're right that I am a poor girl. Yeah, I am Chrissy Green the girl who lost her parents. The girl who had everything but not anymore. They died and all they left me were money and other possessions.

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