Lucy Scarlet [Discontinued]

Lucy Scarlet [Discontinued]

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Lyell By ZakisLovesMusic Updated Apr 30, 2019

I want to say that I adopted this story from RJWinterLily, so please give her credit for making this story. I will do this around the new chapters she did. 


Lucy had a sister once before someone took her away. So, at the age of 3, she decided to travel to find her lost sister. She couldn't remember things clearly, but she knows her sister has red hair and brown eyes.

She met two families and decided to stay with the second family until she ran away.
In her new journey, she finds Natsu and goes to Fairy Tail.


I do not own Fairy Tail, so please watch the anime/read the manga by Hiro Mashima.
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Hope you enjoy my first Fairy Tail Fanfiction! ^.^