I Transmigrated into a Genius Princess in an Otome?!?

I Transmigrated into a Genius Princess in an Otome?!?

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drifting_rainn By supsiri51 Updated 3 days ago

Trinity Meadows.

Her name would once be known throughout all kingdoms as one of power... cunning wit... intelligence... and a beauty comparable to none. Princes from all around would flock to her feet, begging for her hand in marriage only to be turned down with a cold indifference. 

In her past life, all Trinity knew was hurt, being constantly bullied at school. After a fateful accident where one of the bullies took it too far, she sadly passed away. 

Only to reborn into an otome game as the prodigious villainess. 

Not only that, she's a fox princess?!

Started 9-22-18

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