Ways To Make You Mine

Ways To Make You Mine

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jhElly By redflower_ Updated Feb 08, 2016

Natsu Dragneel, a troublesome and idiotic student of Fairy Tail Academy. Most girls in school fan girl over him. 

Natsu shows no interest in any girl until he meets Lucy Heartfilia, an ordinary, kind, a bit clueless and happy-go-lucky student who also studies in Fairy Tail Academy.   Natsu has fallen in love with Lucy but Lucy has no interest in him or any boys or where should I put this she just so dense. Natsu plans to make Lucy fall for him in many ways he can.   

But one day a transferee came and he also shows interest in Lucy and plans to make Lucy fall for him also. Natsu found out about the students feelings towards Lucy.   

What will happen? 

 Find out in 'Ways To Make You Mine' 

 I don't own Fairy Tail  Hiro Mashima does. 

 Enjoy W2MUM and if you like it please comment or vote! 

Bye bye :)!

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LEMISI LEMISI Jun 12, 2017
Wtf ppl are talking about how Happy didn't say aye,and I'm here like. What the hell does 5 more minutes my foot meAn?? Am I missing something?
StarkCave StarkCave Nov 02, 2017
I keep waiting till someone puts Zeref in these types of stories as Natsu's older brother but IM STTILL WAITING
regencydawn8091 regencydawn8091 Oct 02, 2017
LacieStrauss LacieStrauss Mar 03, 2017
*Marking something or other on a clipboard* So, we're dealing with playboys and clueless nerds here. Okay. I can deal with that. I've delt with worse. Like them absolutely hating each others guts. It worked out in the end, too!
TheFirstMaster TheFirstMaster May 12, 2014
aww~~ thanks, @Curious_Little_Me hehe, for dedicating this story to me! don't worry, I'll give you also some dedication for you. ;) promise!