Ways To Make You Mine

Ways To Make You Mine

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Natsu Dragneel, a troublesome and idiotic student of Fairy Tail Academy. Most girls in school fan girl over him. 

Natsu shows no interest in any girl until he meets Lucy Heartfilia, an ordinary, kind, a bit clueless and happy-go-lucky student who also studies in Fairy Tail Academy.   Natsu has fallen in love with Lucy but Lucy has no interest in him or any boys or where should I put this she just so dense. Natsu plans to make Lucy fall for him in many ways he can.   

But one day a transferee came and he also shows interest in Lucy and plans to make Lucy fall for him also. Natsu found out about the students feelings towards Lucy.   

What will happen? 

 Find out in 'Ways To Make You Mine' 

 I don't own Fairy Tail  Hiro Mashima does. 

 Enjoy W2MUM and if you like it please comment or vote! 

Bye bye :)!

I think ur good either way. There s a correct way but its the same difference between karla and charle
Oh yeah it's Grandeeney. The other (Grandine) is not the real one because Grandine is pronounced: Gran-Dine. And Grandeeney is the correct answer:
                              See the difference?
They are both right. It's just that there are different translations for it
SystLover SystLover May 30
Woah, it's like a war in the comment section, "It's grandine"
                              "Its grandine"
                              "Its grandeeney"
                              "Its both"
I can just picture that happy snickering or laughing when he sees Lucy and natsu like each other
I'm the girl that's chasing natsu and gray on the front line, Me bel like: back off bitches nalu and gruvia are da best and natsu-senpai gray-sama
                              Juvia be like: gray-sama?! 
                              Lol XD